More and more of us are thinking and acting in an environmentally aware way, and are concerned about the environmental legacy we are leaving our children. This change in perceptions has prompted a growing group of wealthy people and opinion formers to commit themselves actively to the concept of responsible investing. It is a commitment that forms a major element of our group’s corporate philosophy.



The world consumes a huge amount of energy. Society needs to create solutions to the problem of how to manage future energy generation and consumption in a way that is right for the environment and the economy.

Germany is setting the pace with its “Energiewende” – Energy Transition. As well as gradually withdrawing from nuclear power by 2022, the German government has set ambitious climate and energy policy goals.

Wind power – and especially offshore wind power – will play a significant role in meeting these goals and putting the “Energiewende” plan into practice. After initial difficulties, the conditions have now been put in place for private and institutional investors to make a sustainable commitment to the offshore wind energy sector.



We are investing in the development of offshore wind energy, and in January 2015 we made an initial purchase, through investment companies in Germany, of two projects in the German Baltic Sea. These are in different phases of the planning approval process, but will eventually generate a total of 608 MW. In addition, we have established Sea Wind Management GmbH, an operational project development company whose experts have many years of experience in offshore wind energy.

In the press

DU Magazin, 25.03.2015 – Fritz Kaiser talks to publisher Oliver Prange about responsible investment and the construction of a wind farm off Germany’s Baltic Sea Coast: “We recognize and accept that our world is currently experiencing change more rapid and more far-reaching than at any time in our history. And that there are drivers behind this change that can be identified and that can be harnessed for good or ill. Private investors who want to invest on the right side of change thus have to monitor and assess a complex web of developments on an ongoing basis – for their own good and the good of their families, our planet and our society.”

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