Sea Wind Holding AG

A Kaiser Beteiligungen Holding company.
Sea Wind Holding, based in Vaduz, Liechtenstein, invests in the development and construction of wind energy projects with a special focus on offshore wind energy. Long-term, sustainable investments in this sector accord with the corporate philosophy of “investing on the right side of global change”. Developing and implementing such investment models and funding schemes is one of Kaiser Partner Group’s long-standing core competences.


Sea Wind Management GmbH

Sea Wind Management develops and project manages offshore wind farms in the German North Sea and Baltic. The team of experts in Hamburg is responsible for all the approval processes required prior to the start of construction.
This team benefits from its combined experience of completed and planned offshore projects – ranging from the initial project development phase and drafting of plans, to detailed technical planning, to the funding of offshore wind farms. It also has many years of solid experience in managing the approval process, offshore geotechnology, structural engineering, electronics and offshore site management. This specialist knowledge represents the team’s core competence, which is backed up by its members’ personal experience of working offshore.