Installation of 1600-tonne piles

Project management during the design of a logistics concept for floating installation

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Sea Wind Management has developed a concept for the floating transport and offshore installation of XXL monopiles as part of its activity as the “Owner’s Engineer” for the Baltic Eagle offshore project. The goal was to transport and install the XXL monopiles within a day. The monopiles were to be delivered floating to the construction site and installed by a crane ship.

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90m long and 1600 tonnes weight

Subsea7, A logistics and installation concept has been developed and optimised for the Subsea7 crane ships. Due to their special design and size, these ships offer a very large weather window and sufficient crane capacity to install the required XXL monopiles. A logistics concept was developed for the optimisation of the business case, which makes it possible to utilise the crane ships in the best possible way and have them stationed permanently in the construction field (feeder concept). For the separate delivery of the monopiles, self-floating transport was developed as the solution which is most efficient from both an economic and a technical point of view.

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