The Company


Sea Wind Management GmbH conducts project development and project management of offshore wind farms in the North and Baltic Sea. The wide experience team in Hamburg is responsible for all relevant approval processes up to construction readiness. During this process, the team of experts can draw on collective experience from onshore and offshore projects which have already been realised or are still being developed, which reaches from the early phase of the project development, via the design basis and the detailed technical planning up to the financing of the offshore wind farm. The long-term experience of the project team is in the fields of approval management, offshore geotechnics, foundation design, electrical engineering and offshore site management. This know-how, in combination with personal maritime experience from offshore operations, represents the core competence of the expert team. The company is 100% independent. It is not controlled or supported by any other player in this sector, and is owned completely by Sea Wind Holding, based in Vaduz, Liechtenstein.

The Sea Wind Group assists its’ clients with the development of renewable energy projects to realise the best possible return. Our service range in project planning and management marks us as a unique consulting company that covers the whole value chain of a project – from the early planning and development phase up to the effective installation and maintenance of the wind project. We are a team of experienced professionals with practical know-how from European renewable energy projects. We support the efforts of our clients to reach their project milestones, taking into account the planned budget, the time schedule and the quality system so that the project can be operated as planned. As part of the Sea Wind Group’s expansion into new markets, Sea Wind Polska Sp. z o. o. was founded in 2018. The wide experience team in Gdynia is responsible for all relevant approval processes up to construction readiness for the Polish market. In doing so, the team of experts can refer to the collective experience from realised, and to be developed, onshore and offshore projects.

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